Thursday, June 7, 2012

Far Left Meets Far Right On Live TV: Fight Ensues

A spokesperson for Greece's Far Right Golden Dawn political party is wanted for assault, after attacking a female member of the country's Far Left as well as another woman from the Communist party. And the entire melee was caught on live television.

Righter Ilias Kasidiaris, who was once a member of Greece's special forces, became enraged while discussing the nation's current political and economic turmoil as well as the upcoming election on a live television talk show. (He might have also been angry that the subject of his alleged involvement in an armed robbery some years ago was brought up in the interview.)  He then proceeded to toss a glass of water at radical left Syriza party member Rena Dourou, calling her a "joke".

This brought Communist party member Liana Kanelli into the fray, as she threw a newspaper at Kasidiaris. He responded by shoving her harshly and then punching Kanelli repeatedly in the face, before fleeing the studio. Kasidiaris, who is also a member of the Greek Parliament, is now being sought by authorities for attempting to inflict dangerous bodily harm, which carries a sentence of up to 10 years in jail. The sentence can be reduced to a hefty fine in certain cases.

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