Saturday, June 30, 2012

Because He's Worth It: Man Steals $40,000+ in Skin Care Items

A Coppell, Texas, man has turned himself into authorities after being on the lam for stealing over $40,000 worth of skincare products from stores during a six-month period starting this past December!

Efrain Hardman, dubbed the "Oil of Olay Bandit" by local media and police, was caught on various surveillance recordings, walking away with large quantities of high-end cosmetics and skincare products. It is believed his intentions were to re-sell the products on the open market, earning a hefty profit, seeing as he didn't pay anything at all for the items.

The smooth-faced 27-year-old criminal recently lost his job at an Irving, Texas, fast-food restaurant, and was in dire need of some quick cash, police are guessing. Hardman surrendered to the police after the local NBC affiliate news program aired a story about him, naming him as the prime suspect in the robberies once authorities identified him from surveillance footage recorded at several Tom Thumb grocery stores, which seemed to be his favorite target.

Hardman has been charged with four counts of theft in Coppell, but other cities in Texas are also interested in pressing charges against him.

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