Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Dingo Did Take Her Baby: Chamberlain Cleared After 32 Years

An Australian court has finally exonerated mother Lindy Chamberlain in the death of her infant daughter, Azaria, after more than 32 years.

The case, involving a mother's claims that a wild dingo entered a camp site at the world famous Aboriginal site Uluru and snatched the nine-week-old Azaria, became one of the most famous legal cases in Australia history. The public and press had already decided that mother Lindy was guilty of killing the infant and lying about the dingo attack to cover up the crime. The mother's demeanor, that of a frank and outspoken woman, did not find favor with the public or press, who were quick to pass judgement.

Chamberlain was eventually convicted and served a three-year sentence before the conviction was overturned. A bloody romper suit worn by the baby was found years later, with evidence that a dingo had attacked and killed the infant, as the family had claimed.

The case was made famous in the 1989 film A Cry in the Dark with actress Meryl Streep playing Lindy Chamberlain. Streep's performance garnered her one of her many Academy Award nominations for Best Actress, but she would lose to Jodie Foster for her riveting portrayal in The Accused that year.

The final inquest in the incident came after a series of dingo attacks and killings of infant and toddlers took place across Australia in the past decade, giving credence to Chamberlain's claims.

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