Monday, June 4, 2012

Canadian Psycho: Cannibal Murderer Caught in Germany

An international manhunt for cannibalistic murderer Luka Rocco Magnota has ended after the suspect was apprehended in Berlin, Germany, today, police officials say.

The 29-year-old former porn star went on the run from authorities after he allegedly murdered his Chinese boyfriend, graduate student Jun Lin, in Montreal. Authorities also believe the disturbed Magnotta posted a video of himself online, which allegedly shows him murdering Lin, as well as dismembering the body, eating portions of the dead body and sexually assaulting the corpse.

Authorities believed that Magnotta had taken off for Europe shortly after committing the grisly murder, issuing a warning of the danger he presents to everyday citizens as well as advising that he might be dressed as a woman while in public.. He is also accused of sending parts of the rotting corpse to various governing officials, including to the office of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The remains of the body were discovered in a suitcase after police raided the suspect's Montreal apartment.

Berlin police descended on an Internet cafe in the Neukoelln area of the German capital and arrested Magnotta, after a witness tipped off police after identifying him from media coverage photographs.

Prime Minister Harper, in London for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee ceremonies, briefly spoke to the press about the development Monday. "I'm obviously pleased that the suspect has been arrested and I just want to congratulate the police forces on their good work," said Harper.

Magnotta made international headlines and was dubbed "The Butcher of Montreal" as well as the "Canadian Psycho" after his disturbing and grisly series of crimes were revealed.

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