Friday, June 8, 2012

Man Kills Mama Bear, Tries to Sell Cubs at Gas Station

A California man was stopped from trying to pawn off two adorable bear cubs at a gas station after he killed the mother.

Local authorities in Nevada County, California, fielded a number of calls from concerned passers-by reporting a man was trying to sell the bear cubs in the parking lot. Officials from the Department of Fish and Game arrived to find the man still in the lot, apparently unable to find anyone willing to buy the cubs, as most are probably aware that the cubs grow just a bit bigger over the months and years.

The man claimed that he was forced to shoot and kill the mother of the cubs on his property after she became aggressive and charged him. Feeling sorry for the cubs, he picked them up and tried to find a suitable home for the creatures by pawning them off in a gas station parking lot!

Fish and Wildlife officials are now trying to confirm the man's story about killing the mother bear. The two cubs have been taken to a wildlife rehabilitation facility in Rancho Cordova, where they will spend the summer and fall. They will be tagged and released into a den to spend the winter months. Officials say that dozens of other orphaned cubs have gone through a similar process, and the majority of the bears survive to adulthood.

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