Monday, November 4, 2013

Three Suns Appear in Sky Over Mongolia

Chinese residents grabbed their cameras and rushed outside to marvel at an extremely rare astronomical illusion of "triple suns" in the sky over Chifeng, in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region over the weekend

The sun appeared to be accompanied by two smaller twins that suddenly emerged in the sky at around nine AM local time, and the third “sun” appeared to be surrounded by several arched rainbow-like halos.

The astronomical illusion remained in the skies over Chifeng for approximately two hours, and many residents took pictures or videos to record the incredible moment out on the streets.

Some witnesses claim to have seen five suns shining in certain areas of the city. The illusion is actually classified as a legitimate astronomical phenomenon known as phantom sun or ice halo, according to the Chifeng Meteorological Bureau.

The rare phenomena only appears when ice crystals create high clouds in the air around 6,000 meters above ground, and produce reflected sunlight, which causes the appearance of additional “suns”. 

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