Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beyoncé Buzz: Singer Has Horse Fly Named After Her

Brand new Mommy & superstar singer Beyoncé has another reason to shake her booty: She now has a horse fly named in her honor!

It seems scientists decided to name a rare Australian horse fly after the performer because the bootylicious insect has a prominent backside, which apparently reminded them of Beyoncé. 

The Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae fly is found only in the remote far north of Queensland, Australia, and was first discovered in 1981, which also happens to be the year that Beyoncé was hatched born. According to Bryan Lessard from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, the fly is known as the “all-time diva of flies.”

 Beyoncé is not the only star to have had insects or other animals named after them. Baywatch beach runner David Hasselhoff recently had a species of hairy-chested crabs named after him and The Police rocker Sting has a species of frogs (shouldn't it have been a species of bee?) with his moniker.

After the ridiculous rumors that Jay Z and  Beyoncé named their newborn daughter Blue Ivy after the daughter of Satan, we're certain she doesn't mind an insect buzzing around with her name...

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