Sunday, January 15, 2012

True Colors: Cyndi Lauper Demands Song Be Removed from Political Smear Campaign

"Political mud-slinging makes me cry..."

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" rocker Cyndi Lauper has demanded that another one of her popular 80s hits "True Colors" be removed from an online ad smearing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. 

The iconic singer tweeted about the incident after she was informed by a follower on twitter regarding the online advertisement. "Got a phone call saying my version of True Colors was used in commercial trashing Romney," Lauper said in a string of tweets beginning on January 12. She continued, "1st, I never approved it. Not that I  [am supporter of Romney's], I'm not. But I wouldn't have wanted that song to be used in that way. I think...Whoever used my song should have asked, and 2, realized that Mr Romney can discredit himself without the use of my work. X cyn."

Lauper admitted that she was completely unaware of the copyright infringement until she was notified by the fan.  She says that "True Colors" is a song about healing and is definitely not appropriate to be used for political mud-slinging and bad-mouthing. The ad was removed from YouTube after a copyright claim was filed by Sony BME, Lauper's record label.

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