Monday, January 9, 2012

Got Crabs: Scientists Name New Crab Species After David Hasselhoff

Former Baywatch beach runner David Hasselhoff has a distinctive new honor to boast about: a newly discovered species of crabs have been named after him!

Forget having a street, school, hospital wing or bridge named in your honor, you've really made it when you have crabs...with your moniker. When scientists recently discovered a new species of Yeti crab, they noticed that the little buggers had an unusually hairy chest. This reminded some of the scientists of The Hoff, running bare-chested along the beach with all that famous chest hair blowing in the breeze. Hence, they dubbed the creepy clawed crawlies "The Hasselhoff".

The Hasselhoff crab reportedly lives approximately 2,500 meters below water, on the Southern Ocean floor of the Antarctic. In the following video, I definitely see the resemblance...

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