Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Murder The Queen Wrote: Woman Found Dead on Queen Elizabeth's Estate

"A most foul act has been committed..."

A woman has been found dead at Queen Elizabeth's sprawling country estate Sandringham, where the Royal Family spent New Year's Eve. The gruesome discovery was made less than three miles from the Queen's home located in Norfolk outside of London.

The female corpse was spotted by a member of the public out walking, just hours after the royals attended their traditional church service on New Year's Day. Police immediately sealed off the area and informed the Royal Family of the discovery. Yesterday the Queen, 85, was seen out riding one of her horses on the massive 20,500 acre estate near King's Lynn, Norfolk. The family, including newlyweds Prince William and his bride Kate Middleton, spent Christmas at Sandringham as well. The Queen's husband, Prince Phillip, 90, was rushed to the hospital on Christmas Eve after experiencing severe chest pains.

No details about how long the body had been left in the elements, the age of the victim or the cause of death have been released to the public. An autopsy on the body was scheduled to be done on Tuesday to determine an exact cause of death.

 It's not the first time that a dead body has been discovered on or near property belonging to the Queen. In March 2010, the body of American Robert James Moore, described as a loner who was obsessed with the Queen, was found 100 yards from Buckingham Palace.

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