Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't Fear the Reaper: New Facebook App Lets You Announce Your Death

Facebook has allowed billions of people to stay in contact with family and friends in ways many never thought possible. In fact, you can now even announce your own death on the social media website... from beyond the grave!

A new application now available for download called If I Die gives members a chance to write their final status update in advance. After downloading and installing the app, members then select three friends as "trustees" who will all have to verify that you've "departed to greener pastures".  Then, you will be able to record a video message or announcement that will be published to your Facebook or twitter feed, letting friends, family, acquaintances and people you've never met in person before know of your untimely fate.

The idea seems to be catching on, as more than 7000 people have downloaded the app in the first few days that it has been available. So, make sure you start checking all your Facebook friends' status updates everyday...just to make sure... As they say, there's an app for that...

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