Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright: Firefighters Race to Save Toy Tiger Stuck on Roof

Houston area firefighters and members of the rescue squad were left red-faced after racing out on an urgent call to save a tiger stuck on a rooftop, only to find the wild animal was just an over-sized novelty toy!

The rescuers responded to dozens of calls to 911 reporting a large, wild animal that was apparently stuck on the roof of an abandoned hotel.  Firetrucks and animal control agents were dispatched to the area to see what could be done to save the animal and prevent deaths or injuries to people should the vicious animal attack.

As firetrucks arrived with sirens blaring and lights ablaze, the rescuers were baffled about the lack of movement from the animal perched atop the building. As the squad took their rescue ladders out and slowly crept in for a closer inspection of the big cat, they quickly discovered that the "wild beast" was actually an eight-foot long stuffed toy!

Seems as if someone played a little prank on the local populace. I'm sure the firefighters and animal control agents were actually relieved that they didn't have to play Ziegfried and Roy and grab a real life, cantankerous tiger by the tail.

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