Friday, January 13, 2012

Forever Lazy: Woman Wears Onesie in Public, People Think She's Nuts

If you've watched any television at all prior to the holidays, chances are you probably saw an ad for the Forever Lazy  onesie. Yes, that comfy cozy outfit you wore as a toddler with your diapers has returned...and now it's for grown ups!

Cafe Mom Blogger Lindsay Ferrier decided she'd take that dare and wore her blue Forever Lazy out in public and filmed people's reactions to her unique fashion choice. Lindsay took a stroll through an upscale Nashville shopping district, dressed to sleep kill in her très chic onesie, while asking complete strangers what they thought of her outfit.

Most people were intrigued by the outfit's easy-access back-flap, for those extra-lazy bathroom runs. She even met a musician from New Zealand in a local park, who quickly penned an impromptu jingle for the Forever Lazy that I'm certain will end up being featured in one of their cheesy commercials. She also experiences a rapturous Julie Andrews Sound of Music moment while in the park. You can check out Lindsay modeling the lazy prêt-à-porter in the following video: 

1 comment:

  1. I choose this for my official uniform at my
    work place. It works for me!!


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