Friday, October 14, 2011

Where Do Broken Divas Go? Whitney Houston Almost Thrown off Flight

Whitney Houston has long been known as a Diva but her entitled behavior almost got her thrown off a plane on Wednesday! Seems La Houston was scheduled on a flight to Detroit leaving out of Atlanta when she decided to up the 'Tude Factor and refuse to put on her seat belt. The flight attendant kindly informed the singing superstar that if she didn't fasten her belt, she would be in violation of Federal Aviation guidelines and would be not-so-discreetly escorted from the plane by burly armed officers from the Department of Homeland Security! Having seen her ex-husband Bobby Brown taken away in cuffs every other day during their long and tumultuous marriage, Ms. Whitney thought the better of it, and decided that she had better buckle up and enjoy another glass of champagne. That's a Good Diva!

Full story from The Daily Mail:

Whitney Houston Flies Diva Airways

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