Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's in the Bag: NYC Writer Gets Rude Note from TSA Agents Who Found Private Item in Luggage

A New York writer and lawyer has revealed the crude note left in her luggage after TSA agents discovered a "sex toy" packed away in her suitcase. New York writer and lawyer Jill Filipovic says she found the embarrassing note when she arrived in Dublin, Ireland, after a flight from the US. On the inspection notice attached to her suitcase someone had scribbled the message "Get your freak on, girl!", apparently in reference to the sex toy they obviously uncovered. 

Jill took to twitter, posting the following message with a picture of the offending note to her account: "Just unpacked my suitcase and found the following note from TSA. Guess they discovered a 'personal item' in my bag. Wow!" Filipovic told journalists she believed the remark to be 'offensive', and plans to file an official complaint with the Federal Bureau of Aviation. 

 The inspection card is inserted by TSA inspectors to alert travelers if their bags have been searched. However, the spokesman said there was not yet evidence as to who wrote the note. A statement from the agency reads: 'TSA takes all allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously and is investigating this claim.'

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