Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Power of Air-Brushing: Embarrassing Photos of Madonna Leak

Embarrassing photographs of Madonna have surfaced, showing her in all of her un-air brushed non-glory.
The behind-the-scenes photos were taken in a hotel room during a December 2008 magazine shoot for W magazine in Brazil, while the then-50-year-old star was dating Brazilian boyfriend Jesus Luz, some twenty dog years her junior. She has since switched boy toys and is now dating 24-year-old dancer/model Brahim Zabat. Madonna is slated to be a half-time performer at next year's Super Bowl in Indianapolis.

 You can see the vision of loveliness yourself over at DListed:

Madonna in all her un-glory
(Love how someone photo-shopped one of her beloved hydrangeas on her boob)

From the Daily Mail: 

Embarrassing Madonna Photos Leak

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