Thursday, October 13, 2011

Would You Like Fries with That? Anderson Cooper Gets Job At Fast Food Restaurant

Photo Courtesy Best Week Ever
Anderson Cooper has always seemed like a very dignified human being. His hard-hitting and unflinching coverage during the national tragedy of Hurricane Katrina made him a household name. His tenure on 60 Minutes certainly gave him journalistic respect when many people in the industry wrote him off for his pretty boy looks and Social Registry pedigree (being the son of world famous socialite and fashion jeans guru Gloria Vanderbilt). But it seems our intrepid investigative reporter has decided to take things not-so-seriously of late. Fresh off his epileptic fit meltdown laughing over the infamous Gérard Depardieu peeing on a plane incident, comes this: Anderson slinging hash at a Boston Market.

Yes, the Silver Fox donned a hair net and an apron to take orders and prepare food in a New York City Boston Market restaurant. He certainly looks the part and I'm sure he does a much better job that some of those CEO's do on Undercover Boss. (Most of them seriously have no clue how to do an average, minimum-wage paying job!) Why Boston Market? Apparently, it's Anderson's favorite. (No high brow eatery for our princely heir!)

All the ensuing fun was filmed for an upcoming episode of his new syndicated talk show Anderson.

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