Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Revenge Is Easier in the Age of the Internet

Next time you decide you want to stiff a hard working waitress of her tip and to write an insulting comment on the receipt, you might want to think twice!

A Seattle bartender experienced this sort of incident on Friday evening and decided that she would get a little revenge on the jerk customer. Victoria Liss took a photograph of the receipt (the guy paid using his credit card, so his name is on the receipt! Yes, we're talking to you, Mr. Andrew Meyer!) complete with this loving little note he left to Victoria: P.S. You could stand to loose [sic] a few pounds. She promptly posted the picture with her story on her Facebook page. Needless to say, the story took off, with popular newspaper columnist Dan Savage penning a piece on Victoria. Hundreds of thousands of people who work with a demanding (and often very unappreciative and downright rude and hateful) public instantly commiserated with Victoria and her plight.

Next time you are in a bar or restaurant, make sure you are very kind and courteous to the staff and tip them accordingly... otherwise the next Facebook witch hunt might be for you!

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