Monday, October 10, 2011

What a Weenie! Tiger Woods Has Frankfurter Tossed at Him during Tournament

Seems like Tiger Woods has a dark cloud hanging over him. Ever since all the lurid details of his rampant cheating became public and his wife left him and took him for million$, the golf superstar just hasn't been the same. Yesterday, as Tiger was competing in a golf tournament in California, a "fan" ran up to where he was about to make a putt and threw a hot dog (including the bun) at him! Maybe the guy was trying to make some sort of political statement about being a perpetual "dawg" with the ladies... who knows? The man was arrested for disturbing the peace and removed from the golf course. Woods took the whole incident in stride and laughed it off. Good to know he still has a sense of humor!

Courtesy The Daily Mail

For full story, read The Daily Mail:

Man Throws His Weenie at Tiger Woods

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