Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey, Cupcake! How Much Do You Love Me? Woman Arrested for Pelting Hubby with Cupcakes

We've heard of using the term of endearment "cupcake" to address your wife or husband, but we've never heard of them being used as a weapon in a domestic violence case!

Arturo Montesdeoca called the police to notify them that his wife Dawn had assaulted him at their Chicago residence. When the police arrived at their home they discovered Arturo covered head to toe in delicious frosting! Seems Dawn became angry with Arturo and decided to get all Candyland's Revenge on her husband by throwing the yummy, delicious sweets at her [former] sweet. The cops hauled her away, but she was soon out of jail after posting a $10,000 bond. No more trips to Gumdrop Mountain or Molasses Swamp for Mrs. Montesdeoca!

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