Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mr. Mormon Brightside: The Killer's Brandon Flowers Stars in New Mormon TV Ads

The Killers' lead singer Brandon Flowers is appearing in a new advertising campaign for the Church of Latter Day Saints. Flowers appears with his wife Tana and their three children in promotional videos that appear on the official website of the church, The "Mr. Brightside" singer grew up in the Mormon faith in his native Nevada. The videos appear after an outpouring of negative comments have been made about the faith in light of Mormon Mitt Romney's candidacy for the US presidency.

Fans often mistakenly believe that Flowers left the Mormon Church to pursue his career as a rock star, but nothing could be further from the truth. "There are a lot of connotations that come along with pop music and rock music, and its usually sex driven or money driven," he explains. "I realized early on that wasn't the road for me, maybe because of the foundations that were laid early on, or [memories of] my mom and dad taking me to church."

You can see the videos featuring Flowers on

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