Monday, October 10, 2011

Clean Up on Aisle 6: Two Women Arrested in Wal-Mart Bleach Fight

Two women have been arrested following a fight in a Baltimore, Maryland Wal-Mart involving bleach and other household chemicals that caused the store to be evacuated for over two hours. Nineteen people had to be taken to the hospital after the two women started the free-for-all in the household chemicals aisle. The women were allegedly arguing over a man (of course), when the argument became a bit more serious, mixing bleach with ammonia (a big no-no, which these two domestic divas obviously didn't realize). The combination of the two chemicals created toxic fumes, forcing the store to be evacuated and closed down as Haz Mat teams were brought in to clean up the big ol' mess. It appears more things are falling than the prices at this Wal-Mart...

From the Daily Mail:

Cops Arrest Two Women in Wal-Mart Bleach Fight

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