Friday, October 14, 2011

Amazon Rainforest Set to Move Like Jagger: Sir Mick Announced As Eco-Ambassador

Sir Mick Jagger has a new title, as the honorary tourism ambassador for the threatened Amazon rainforest.

The 68-year-old rock superstar was honored with the unique title at a special ceremony in South America held by the Peruvian government. He is now the ambassador for the Madre de Dios area, a region which borders both Brazil and Bolivia. During the ceremony, Jagger received gifts created by people indigenous to the region, including bows, arrows, necklaces and a feathered ornamental headdress. (He'd look great wearing that while strutting around on stage!) Jagger is reportedly staying in the Amazon, where he plans to meet with members of local governments to discuss exactly what his ambassador duties will entail and what he can do to spread the word on conserving one of the world's most precious resources.

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