Thursday, October 6, 2011

Artist Collective Covers Madrid in What?!?

Europe is pretty much an open-air museum. With so many architectural splendors and statues on every street corner, it's culture overdose. A European art collective known as Luzinterruptus decided it wanted to make art a bit more personal and tangible to the average person. How to accomplish this goal? They decided to place hundreds of silicone breasts filled with small lights to statues, sculptures and any other piece of art that they saw fit throughout Madrid, Spain. Needless to say, this made old pervs everyone want to use their tactile senses to explore the strange new artistic additions. The group was very pleased with the results of their experiment. "With this effective call, we got the people to approach the art that makes up their everyday environment, which they hardly notice, and devote some time to looking at it and touching it with delight," a spokesperson for the group said in a public statement. The lesson here: Yes, boobs make everything greater...

From the Huffington Post:

Artist Group Covers Madrid in...Breasts?

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