Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake: Billionaire's Daughter Poses Nude with £1 Million Cash

While the Occupy Wall Street continues to grow and people all around the world join in the struggle to overcome the tyranny of Big Bankers that has left billions suffering and dying in abject poverty, the utterly and completely clueless daughter of Formula One UK billionaire Bernie Ecclestone has posed nude...with a million pounds in cash.

Famed photographer Tyler Shields took the candid shots of Tamara Ecclestone lying in a bed covered in £1 million notes, an homage to the Demi Moore/Robert Redford film An Indecent Proposal. (It's a given that analogy was completely lost on Ecclestone.) When the photographer wondered where they would come up with the money for the photo-shoot, Ms. Ecclestone casually informed him that she had the cash "just lying around". The plastic mannequin-like Ecclestone is also seen wearing her $10,000 Christian Laboutin heels while frying an egg and sweeping the floor, two menial chores we are absolutely certain she has never done in her life, especially when "lesser" people can do it for her. Isn't life grand?

"Let them eat cake" has never sounded more cruel...

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Mail/The Sun

For the full story, visit The Daily Mail:
Clueless: Tamara Ecclestone Poses Nude with Big Bucks

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