Sunday, October 30, 2011

Winter Now Starts in October: Over Three Million without Power in North East Snowstorm

It doesn't bode well for the winter season if a large swathe of the nation is already being crippled by winter weather...before Halloween!

A rare winter storm (Personally, I believe there is no such thing as "rare weather events" anymore, seeing that they are now taking place every day) has left over three million people without electricity and created travel chaos for millions throughout the Northeast US, who have already endured an earthquake & hurricane in the past few months. The storm, normally associated with mid-winter, struck a large area of the US, dropping snow from Virginia all the way to Maine. New York City experienced snow in October for only the fourth time since the Civil War, and the record for snow amount total  for the month was broken. Hundreds of thousands of homes are still without power in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 

The storm left JetBlue Airline passengers stranded on the tarmac for more than seven hours after their flight had to be diverted to Connecticut's Bradley International Airport from Newark, New Jersey due to the bizarre weather. Annoyed and worried passengers began to call 911, informing dispatchers that they were trapped on board the airplane.

Keep monitoring this blog, as I'm certain I will be reporting on more and more strange weather occurrences that will undoubtedly take place throughout the upcoming winter season...

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