Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daylight Come & He Want to Go Home: Harry Belafonte Falls Asleep During TV Interview

Legendary singer and entertainer Harry Belafonte has obviously been burning the Midnight Oil a bit much as of late. The 84-year-old star has been busy promoting his new autobiography My Song: A Memoir. It all became too much for the entertainer, apparently. As he was scheduled for an interview with a television station in Bakersfield, California, he took a little nappy-poo in the New York studio where he was located. The news anchors tried valiantly to wake Mr. Belafonte over the satellite feed, even singing his classic "Day-Oh!" opening from his "The Banana Boat" calypso standard, to no avail.

Belafonte's reps claim that he was not sleeping but meditating and that his ear piece failed to work, so he didn't realize the interview had begun. You can watch the video of the "interview" on YouTube below:

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