Monday, January 20, 2014

Here Comes the Sun: China Broadcasts Rising Sun Footage in Smog-Choked Beijing:

If you would like to catch a glimpse of the sun in the Chinese capital of Beijing, you can forget about simply looking up in the sky, as chances are the large, bright, warming bearer of life will be completely hidden behind a deep, dark and dangerous layer of disgusting pollution!

The pollution levels in one of the world's largest cities are so off-the-charts, the government has now started to broadcast recorded footage of a beautiful sunrise on large LED screens in Beijing's bustling Tianamen Square in an attempt to cheer up the put-upon and depressed population!

The nation has been grappling with out-of-control pollution levels for decades, as countless industries and billions of automobiles dump highly toxic levels of pollutants into the air. The air quality has worsened in recent days, as stagnated air combined with a cold snap, causing the population to burn more coal heaters to warm residences and businesses. The city's skyscrapers were completely hidden from view in the dense smog, and pedestrians had to wear surgical masks while out walking to keep from breathing the toxic soup into their lungs. The Chinese smog cloud can be seen from space, and often travels by wind to blight the air of neighboring countries Korea and Japan. 

Serious air and water pollution plagues virtually the entire country, as opportunities to advance the economy have taken precedence over protecting the quality of the natural environment. This has created a troubling environmental catastrophe that many experts forecast to only grow worse and will place the population at risk, in particular the very young and the elderly.

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