Thursday, May 16, 2013

Exposed: New Video from Japan Shows Off-the-Charts Radiation Levels

A new video has surfaced on YouTube that is bringing about some much-needed attention. The video is ostensibly from Japan—at this point we can only assume it was filmed near to the Fukushima Nuclear Facility that went into a full-scale meltdown event after the cataclysmic March 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

The video from the unspecified location shows two handheld radiation detectors—one placed on the ground in a plastic bag with the other being held by an unknown person recorded the readings. The handheld detector immediately begins to register an intense rate of radioactivity, particularly when it is placed closer to the ground, where the other detector in the plastic bag remains.

The detector registers a rather alarming 6000 CPM (Counts Per Minute, which measures the amount of radioactivity in the vicinity.) It quickly spikes to over 8000 CPM. Normal, safe CPM levels would be between 20-30 CPMs. Long term exposure to the levels of radioactivity registered by the monitors would cause significant health risks—including death in people more susceptible.

Is the video genuine? That cannot be verified at this point. You can view the video that was posted on May 10, 2013, for yourself and draw your own conclusions below:

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