Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mainstream Media: Scientists Crack Mystery of Siberian Craters & News Isn't Good

A news article in The Washington Post  has confirmed that the cause behind those massive and mysterious craters in Siberia is perhaps not-so-mysterious after all: Earth Changes!

I actually had figured the cause was indeed the eruption of methane gas plumes from beneath the melting permafrost, a full week before this "official" announcement was made in the mainstream media, which has stated the cause is a potential "game changer" for life on Earth. It is all goes part and parcel with the immense changes taking place across the entire globe, which we are all witness to at the present time. 

News of the craters in Siberia was quickly followed by news of the formation of a large lake in the deserts of Tunisia, which formed [practically] overnight, and has been viewed as a miracle by the people in the region. Thousands have flocked to bathe in the "miracle" waters of the mysterious lake, even as authorities warn the waters may contain radioactive elements. The water has changed colors over the week, from its initial turquoise hue to a mossy green color. The science and mechanics behind the formation of the lake has not been given an "official" explanation, although tectonic plate activity has been mentioned is some articles. You can read more about the Miracle Lake in Tunisia:

Then, curiously enough, two more news stories involving lakes or other bodies of water entered the news: First, Lake Superior's water temperature dropped from the mid-60s to a chilly 38 degrees in less than 24 hours, in the middle of summer. The amount of energy required to heat or cool trillions of cubic tons of water in such a short amount of time is mind-boggling! Then, the citizens of Toledo, Ohio, endure a water ban, as it was revealed toxic algae blooms growing on Lake Eerie had tainted the city's water supply.   

Will this be the last of the incredible Earth Changes to report about here on this blog? I sincerely doubt it. I wrote the following in a recent Facebook post, which I believe serves well here:

I'll be blunt and to the point, as there is no time to be mysterious. Whether you have been following any of my posts over these past few years or not is of little or no consequence. We all live in a state of denial to some degree, but there are some things we (collectively) cannot ignore.

You don't need to ignore massive events taking place in some remote corner of the world, especially when you can view these same events now, right outside your front window. You are already being affected by the domino effect of these "once in a thousand year" events, which are taking place every day now and at a frantically increasing pace. These events are not going to stop because you wish to deny or ignore them, and will indeed increase, as that is the only logical direction the current sequence can take.

You are being affected by these events each time you go to the grocery store and watch as the prices of the things you buy continue to increase, almost daily. You are being affected by these changes each time you fill up your car with fuel. You are being affected by these changes each time you open up your insurance bill. You are being affected by these events as they take a toll on your health (mental and physical) and the health of your friends, family and even your pets.

Many people say, "Why worry, when there's nothing I can do about [these changes]". That's definitely not the truth and is a defeatist attitude that will not serve you well in a crisis, when lives are on the line. Just like in cases of alcoholism or drug addiction, facing the truth of your situation is the first step in the battle. Preparing yourself physically and mentally is another thing you can do. When armed with the truth, you can make plans to protect yourself, your property and your family. 

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