Friday, August 24, 2012

Contents Unknown: Mysterious Norwegian Package to Be Opened After 100 Years

A mysterious, wrapped parcel is set to be opened in Norway after 100 years.

The package was left with explicit instructions that it not be opened until the pivotal year of 2012. The parcel was sealed in 1912 and left in the care of the council in Otta, a small village 180 miles north of the Norwegian capital of Oslo, with the instructions for it not to be touched for a century. 

After enduring two world wars, the Great Depression and a world transformed by incredible advances in technology over the past century, the enigmatic parcel is set to finally be opened today, revealing its mysterious contents. 

The package was left in the council's care in 1920 by Johan Nygaard, a former chairman for the council in Otta, who had wrapped and sealed the parcel eight years earlier on the anniversary of the legendary Battle of Kringen, a conflict that took place five hundred years ago between Norwegian peasants and Scottish mercenaries, with the unskilled peasants claiming victory. It is thought that the contents of the package may have a connection with the fabled battle.

The package has been in the care of a local museum for several decades, although it was almost lost and forgotten in the 1950s during a renovation of the council. Local residents have pondered what the contents will reveal, with a press conference and official celebration convened for the unveiling. 

"It could be historical documents, or maybe the Blue Star Diamond from the Titanic which sank in 1912," guessed museum curator Kjell Voldheim. 

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