Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Left Behind: Priceless, Forgotten Violin Returned

A Stradivarius violin – possibly worth several million dollars – has been returned to a Swiss lost and found office after a hapless musician mistakenly left it on a train. 

The frantic owner had lent the priceless musical instrument to a friend who accidentally left the violin on the train after disembarking in Bern, Switzerland. Train station staff conducted a massive search for the instrument, which turned up nothing. Reviews of surveillance video showed an unidentified passenger carrying the violin at a different train station.

The violin has since been returned to the grateful owner, who will definitely think twice before lending the instrument to less responsible people in the future. Only 600 violins made by the Italian master craftsman Antonio Stradivari are known to exist in the world. One such violin sold for almost $15 million at an auction last year to raise money for victims of the horrific Japanese earthquake and tsunami. In 2008, a Stradivarius worth approximately $4 million that was left by a musician in a New York taxi was returned by the cabbie.

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