Saturday, October 27, 2012

Strange Invaders: Mysterious Object Photographed Over Mexico & Kentucky

A strange, large cylinder shaped object filmed flying into Mexico's erupting Popocatépetl volcano is eerily similar to an object witnessed by thousands of people in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia this past week.

A large bright object was seen hovering in the skies over the Appalachian mountain region of the United States on Tuesday of this week. Amateur astronomer Allan Epling of Pike County, Kentucky, was alerted to the object when a visitor's grand-daughter informed him there was "a strange plane flying in the sky".

Epling quickly grabbed his digital camera and began filming the bizarre object that appeared to be hovering at an extremely high altitude. Epling says the object would alternate between growing brighter and dimmer, in a pulsating manner. The object remained stationary and was observed in the skies by other witnesses for at least two hours.

Fast forward a few days to this related story about a very similar, cylinder shaped object filmed over the highly active Popocatépetl  volcano located outside of Mexico City. The mystery object was caught by a network television camera installed to monitor the potentially dangerous volcano, which has experienced increased seismic activity over the past year. A strange, bright, cylinder-shaped object can be seen entering the camera's view before apparently falling into the volcano's enormous crater as it exhales a cloud of ash. The object has been estimated to be at least one kilometer in length and approximately 200 meters wide. 

Astronomers have examined the footage taken from both Kentucky and Mexico and so far are perplexed about exactly what the objects could possibly  be. You can view video of the object falling into the volcano at the following YouTube link:


  1. Swamp gas trail left in the wake of a weather balloon.

    /govt statement

  2. Seems that strange planes flying in the sky is a common thing in some of the states such as New Mexico or Arizona, now it's Kentucky?


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