Thursday, July 11, 2013

They Flew Away: A Story of Hope

Friends and family:

My latest book They Flew Away: A Story of Hope has now been published. I am most proud of this book, out of anything that I have written. Although it is a highly emotional story, it is my sincerest hope that readers feel the true weight of the book. I believe it is important that parents and teachers share this story with their children/students, and that it brings about an open, honest discussion about violence in this world. I also hope that it brings about a discussion of spirituality, the acceptance of death, and not to fear and to hold true to your beliefs.

The book is now available directly from the publishers as well as through A kindle version is available for those with digital readers here. I would like to take the time to personally thank everyone who has supported me as well as my writing over the years. You have all been invaluable to me, giving me the strength to persevere and continue writing. You know who you are and you are all the best!

From the bestselling author of Evangeline, Alive & Well: A Story of Hope, comes a moving and inspirational story...

On a beautiful, snow day just before Christmas in a peaceful, small town in Indiana, the children in Mrs. Alcove's First Grade class are preparing for the start of holiday vacation. Suddenly, a stranger with a gun enters their school, shattering the peace of a once serene day.

With courage and grace, the students and their teacher must face pure evil as they each fly away to a place of forever peace and beauty to meet their destiny.

They Flew Away by Miguel Dante is a tale of hope in the face of unimaginable sorrow and suffering and a story never to be forgotten.

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