Sunday, September 8, 2013

Changing of the Guard: Prince Andrew Mistaken for Intruder by Armed Officers at Buckingham Palace

There are some red faces at Buckingham Palace in London today after it was revealed armed security guards mistook Prince Andrew for an intruder on the grounds of the royal residence and ordered the prince to prove his identity!

The 53-year-old Duke of York had apparently decided to take a stroll on the well-manicured grounds of the royal palace to enjoy the gardens and the early-evening sunshine when he was approached by two police officers with guns.

A royal insider has claimed that the officers pointed their guns at Prince Andrew, and ordered him to the ground before realizing who he was, but Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard insist that no weapons were ever brandished. The police force released this official statement: "On Wednesday, September 4, at approximately 6PM, two uniformed officers approached a man in the gardens of Buckingham Palace to verify his identity. The man was satisfactorily identified. No weapons were drawn and no force was used." The statement does not mention the identity of the man.

The incident comes less than 48 hours after an intruder who had scaled the security fence around the palace was discovered by officers on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The man was arrested and is currently in jail awaiting charges.

Needless to say, Prince Andrew is not very happy about the embarrassing incident, but at least the Royal Family know that the security officers given the responsibility to protect them are doing a very thorough job...

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