Saturday, April 13, 2013

Darwin Award Nominee: Man Dies After Vicious Beaver Attack

We certainly see this strange obit as being selected as a Darwin Award nominee:

A man in Belarus has died after being bitten by a beaver while trying to photograph the normally docile creature. The man was fishing at Lake Shestakov in Belarus with two friends when they happened upon the toothy rodent minding its own business on the side of the road. One member of the group decided to get up close and personal with the beaver in order to take a photograph. This did not sit well with the animal, apparently, and it lunged at the unsuspecting shutterbug, sinking its razor-sharp teeth into the man's thigh. (If those buck teeth can manage to saw through wood, it's not difficult to imagine what they can do to human flesh!)

The beaver actually managed to sever a main artery in the man's thigh. His companions tried desperately to stem the flow of blood, but were unable to do so. The man bled out before he could be taken for emergency treatment. Beaver attacks are a rare occurrence, but are certainly not unheard of, especially in recent years. Last year, two young girls in the United States were mauled by a beaver while swimming near its nest, suffering serious bite and scratch injuries to the face and body. Another beaver attack was recorded in Belarus in 2003, when two farmers were bitten by a rabid beaver as they tried to chase it away from a barn.

People should definitely avoid any and all contact with beavers, especially after viewing this footage from Russia of a man recording one of the woodland creatures as it attacks him from this past week!

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