Thursday, April 4, 2013

Deluge: "Tsunami of Rain" That Hit Argentina Disaster "Without Historical Precedent"

Buenos Aires, Argentina, is still reeling after an epic rain storm dumped an unimaginable amount of water on the metropolis of almost three million people more than two days ago.

The catastrophic rainstorm swept over the Argentine capital and the neighboring city of La Plata, releasing a "deluge without historical precedent" according to Daniel Scioli, the governor of Buenos Aires Province,  who has surveyed the damage. As of now, there are 54 confirmed fatalities directly related to the storm, which also brought extremely high winds along with heavy rains to the region. Streets and boulevards across the capital of Buenos Aires quickly turned into raging rivers, which swept away cars, people and anything else in their paths. A worker trying to make repairs to the city's Metro system was electrocuted.

More than six inches of rain fell upon the area in less than two hours, which rapidly overtook all drainage systems throughout the area. More rain fell on the area in one day than would normally fall for more than one month, local meteorologists are reporting. People became trapped in their cars as flood waters traveled at lightning speeds down streets. Some of the dead were elderly people who became trapped in their homes, unable to escape the flood waters.

Power was still out to over 250,000 homes in the capital as of  Wednesday afternoon.
Around 2,200 victims have been evacuated from La Plata, a city of 750,000 residents. Some families reported to local media that they had spent Tuesday night on the roofs of their houses waiting to be rescued.

Addendum: Could the Argentina flooding, along with the recent "unprecedented" floods that have taken place in Italy, Greece, Kenya and Mauritius over the past few weeks be a part of what the Webbot Project has predicted regarding "biblical flooding events"? The data regarding the intense "deluges" has initially been interpreted to be caused (at least in part) by anticipated comet or asteroid impacts in the oceans this year, which would perhaps create a "forty days and forty nights" of rain as written about in the biblical story of Noah and the Arc. Could "unknown energies" be creating the "atmospheric rivers of moisture" spoken about in previous ALTA reports?

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