Thursday, June 27, 2013

Angry Giraffe Attacks Safari Tourists!

And we always thought Geoffrey the Giraffe was the perfect, non-threatening mascot for Toys 'R Us...

Tourists hoping to get up close and personal with wildlife while on safari in the Kruger National Park in South Africa got a little too close for comfort when a thirteen-foot tall, two & a half ton bull giraffe decided to attack!

Video from the scene shows the tourists enjoying a beautiful day out in the bush, observing the incredible animals and sights the world-famous park has to offer. Suddenly, a male giraffe takes exception to the holiday makers and their tour guide and driver and he starts to charge their open-air jeep!

The jeep takes off, but the cranky giraffe continues his pursuit. He even rams the jeep with his powerful, long neck, which actually does some minor damage to the vehicle, taking out a headlight! The giraffe continues to give chase as the safari tourists excitedly shout out expletives in Afrikaans, before the lumbering beast finally tires and stops in his tracks.

As large as they are, experts say that giraffes can actually run as fast as 35-miles-per-hour, a fairly quick pace! Vets believe a hormonal imbalance might be the cause of the animal's crankiness. Either that, or he just finally got sick of the paparazzo...You can check out the scary attack in the video below:

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