Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pooper Scooper: Spanish Town Mails Dog Poop Left in Park Back to Owners

The town of Brunete, Spain, is not taking the matter of dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets while using public parks lightly. Now, the negligent dog owners who decide not to scoop up the poop Fido left behind are having the smelly excrement returned to them...via the mail!

Officials in the town outside of the Spanish capital of Madrid have recruited up to twenty Poop Spies to keep watch over the town's open, public areas. When one of the recruits spots a dog owner leaving their pet's Tootsie Rolls behind, they approach them and strike up a conversation, inquiring about the breed of dog as well as the pet's name. In Spain, it is the law to register your pet, so the spies can quickly access the data base and find out the name and address of the pet owner.

Soon enough, the excrement is parceled back to the owner, tagged as a "Lost and Found" item. (No word if the Spanish Post Office charges extra to set the package on fire, ring the door bell and watch from the bushes as the pet owners try to stamp out the hot, smelly mess.) To make things even more embarrassing, the Pooper Scooper Vendetta Gang often film the return of the poop and post in on social media sites.

Directly as a result of the highly unusual campaign, local officials claim that the amount of excrement incidents in the streets have been reduced by at least 70% since being implemented earlier this year.

As Triumph the Insult Comic Dog would eloquently put it, "That's really wonderful...for me to poop on!!!".

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