Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baboons' Strange Behavior at Dutch Zoo Has Experts Puzzled

A large group of baboons (known as a troop) at a zoo in the Netherlands have been exhibiting some strange behaviors, which have park guests spooked and animal experts baffled. It seems something has frightened the baboons located at the Dierenpark Emmen Zoo. Instead of their normal, social behaviors, the baboons have been highly agitated and frightened, refusing to eat and turning their backs on the thousands of visitors who have come to the park to view them, staring off in one direction, and we are not talking about the English boy band!

It is the first time zoologists and other animal experts have witnessed the animals exhibit such behavior, either in captivity or in the wild."The baboons were hysterical," says zoo spokesman Wijbren Landman. "They were not jumping around but were behaving strangely."

Several strange theories as to why the animals are acting so odd have been tossed about, including the idea that the baboons sense an approaching earthquake or other disaster. Some have even suggested the bizarre behavior is being influenced by aliens!

The baboons have gradually become less agitated over the last day and are back to eating apple wedges from their minder's buckets. They are venturing into other areas of their enclosure and are fighting and removing fleas from each other again, which are normal behaviors for the animals.

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