Friday, August 2, 2013

Alexis Vs. Mrs. Partridge? Joan Collins Steaming Mad over Shirley Jones New Book

 Update: Apparently what Joan wants, Joan gets! After Joan's lawyers sent the publishers of Shirley's book Simon & Schuster a nasty cease and desist order with the threat of a libel suit, the publishers have agreed to eliminate any mention of Joan in all upcoming prints of the book as well as all digital copies sold. But, no news is bad news when it comes to book publishing and publicity, as Joan very well knows. She famously had to defend herself in court in the 90s after her book publisher tried to renege on her book contract, worth almost four millions dollars. The publishers claimed the manuscript she submitted was unpublishable, but Joan won the suit and got to keep the millions she was paid in advance. Certainly, Joan has taken advice from her bestselling novelist sister, Jackie (Hollywood Wives, Lovers & Gamblers), one of the world's most famous and richest authors!

This sounds very much like one of those delectable catfights between Alexis Morelle Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan and Krystal Carrington on the ultimate 80s glamour-fest Dynasty…

It seems that former Dynasty vixen Dame Joan Collins is not-very-pleased with the former Mrs. Partridge of The Partridge Family, Academy-Award winning actress Shirley Jones. The displeasure stems from a steamy anecdote Shirley included in her bestselling memoir. In the new book, Shirley claims that the first time she met aspiring starlet Collins in the 1960s, Collins’ then-husband, the late actor Anthony Newley, suggested a four-some with Jones and her husband of the time, Jack Cassidy. “It was clear what Tony was leading up to was swinging,” Jones writes in her new book.

This has irked Ms. Collins, now 80, who calls the claims “utter rubbish”. Joan contacted her busy lawyers and had them write up a cease and desist order, demanding the book be removed from stores and online retailers and vetted to have the anecdote removed from the publication!

For her part, Shirley is not backing down, claiming the story is one-hundred percent accurate and the truth. Will there be a dramatic courtroom scene coming out of all this or will we see Joan and Shirley battling it out in the lily pond a la Dynasty? I’m sure that would definitely spikes sales of both Shirley’s memoir as well as Joan’s long list of potboiler trash! 

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