Friday, August 30, 2013

Sky News: Trumpet Sounds Return, Waterspouts in Croatia, Alaska Earthquake & Volcano

Busy days ahead for the Earth Changes News Report:

First on the agenda, the "Trumpets in the Sky" phenomenon that began roughly two years ago has returned, this time to Saskatchewan, Canada. The eerie sound, which has been heard over the past few years from places as far-flung as Costa Rica, Sweden as well as Canada and the US, was reported yesterday in Terrence, Saskatchewan, by multiple witnesses and reported by the local media and can be heard at the following link: Eerie Sounds Reported in Canada:

A physics professor at the University of Saskatchewan theorized that it's likely electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation belts. Incidentally, a large Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun was witnessed yesterday. Could this be the explanation for the odd sounds and are these the same "trumpet-like" noises talked about in biblical prophecies?

 There are more odd, climate change anomalies also being reported, actually probably too many to list here in a timely manner. A stunning group of at least twenty separate waterspouts were documented in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Dubrovnik, Croatia, yesterday. Video of the waterspouts can be viewed at the following link: 20 Waterspouts Spotted in Croatia

Deadly and record-breaking cold and snowy weather has hit parts of South America, including Brazil and Peru. The largest snow in decades has fallen in Brazil, while a bitter cold snap has claimed the lives of more than 250,000 alpacas and other live stock in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. The inclement weather is also responsible for the deaths of at least five people across the region. Link to full story: 

In a [perhaps] related Earth Changes story, a new volcanic geyser erupted outside of the Rome airport this past week as well, ejecting ash and debris some fifteen-feet into the air, and causing temporary delays at Fiumicino airport, which is Europe's sixth busiest. Full story here:

Meanwhile, yet ANOTHER massive haboob (dust storm) has blanketed Phoenix, Arizona, the fifth or sixth in what, less than two years now? (I've honestly lost count...)

And scientists "think" they have discovered what is causing literally thousands of beautiful dolphins and porpoises to die around the world: Dolphin deaths linked to measles-like contagion:

That troubling sinkhole in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, continues to grow at an alarming rate. It has now reached a size of over twenty-five acres and shows no signs of stopping. Insane new video from the scene shows the geological anomaly gobbling up a large groups of trees in mere seconds! (Possible cross-links to Gulf of Mexico oil "volcano" from 2010.)

Veniaminof Volcano in Alaska erupted with new intensity only yesterday, emitting an immense ash cloud over three miles into the air. The eruption came after a strong 7.0 earthquake rocked the remote region in the Aleutian Islands chain. Yet, scientists claim that the temblor and volcanic eruption are "unrelated". Of course... More information on the volcano can be found here:  (Geologic upheaval)

Add  to all of this the possible specter of war in Syria, and you have the recipe for what? I'm not exactly certain there are words for where all of these things are leading. Individually, these news stories might not seem all that alarming, but when added together, in a space of less than twenty-four hours, I feel it is obvious we are now crossing into new, uncharted territory.

I won't sugar-coat things, as I feel that is insulting. Anyone now pretending that you are not currently being affected by the collision of all of these various, disturbing events is living in a dream world. You are absolutely being affected by this, each and every day. You are affected each time you purchase food, as you watch the price go up precipitously over each passing day. You are paying the price when you gas up your car at the pump, and you have to make changes to your budget about what you now can or cannot afford. What item will you have to go without today or this week? You are paying the cost each time your insurance bill arrives in the mail, as you watch your premiums skyrocket. Those "super-storm" and mass tornado outbreak clean-ups are not cheap, or is that not something anyone cares to ponder?

Feeling sick lately? Finding yourself at the doctor's office more than you ever remember?  Join the crowd, as the climatic earth changes manifesting all around us affects the health of not just humans, but also our animal companions. These chaotic earth changes are also affecting our mental health, as more and more people go off the deep end or are turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the stunning realization of what we are witnessing, all around us, twenty-four hours a day. You hear the stories leading off the news broadcast every evening now. They can no longer be ignored.

I will continue to monitor these events, so stay tuned for any new or breaking information...

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  1. The lord is coming, I dont read the bible everyday, I dont live a holy life, even though I know I should, and have lately foolishly turned away from seeking the lord. But with everything we are seeing going all around the world with wars, crazy weather, crimes worst than ever before, the hate there is in the world. Its amazing that if you actually research the prophecies in the bible they are occuring on a DAILY basis now. Time is running out, and I know we have all heard that before but its not about hearing anymore its about SEEING with your own eyes whats going on around the world every day now.


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