Saturday, December 15, 2012

Deep Freeze Dumbo: Elephants Cheat Freezing Death by Drinking Vodka?

 A pair of circus elephants caught in a freezing blizzard have their fast-thinking minders to thank for saving their liveswith two cases of vodka!

The two Indian elephants found themselves in quite the predicament when hay in the truck used to transport the enormous pachyderms caught fire. The caravan had to pull over to the side of the road and release the massive beastsin the middle of a raging Siberian snowstorm.

The pair's trainers quickly went into action to save the elephants from certain death, mixing the handy cases of vodka with warm water and forcing the animals to drink it while jogging around until help could arrive. The elephants "roared like it was the jungle" according to a local official. The elephants didn't get away completely unscathed: they did suffer minor frostbite on their legs and ears, but should make a complete recovery. 

The elephants are part of a Polish circus troupe touring Siberia. Although the vodka apparently helped the elephants in this case, veterinarians and doctors alike warn that while alcohol makes you feel warmer, it actually reduces the body's core temperature, creating  more danger in a life-threatening cold weather emergency. 


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