Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry #&%@*! Christmas: Woman Can Keep Obscene Gesture Christmas Lights On

A Louisiana woman can keep her Christmas light decorations turned on featuring a hand saluting the neighborhood with a raised middle finger, a judge has ruled.

Sarah Childs caused an uproar in her town of Denham Springs, LA, after erecting the lights, apparently in an effort to spread as much Christmas cheer as possible. If she thought her neighbors might take offense at the "flipping the bird" holiday message, they certainly did, immediately notifying local authorities. After police threatened Childs with hefty fines or even jail time if she didn't take down the lights, she contacted the American Civil Liberties Union, who decided to take her case to court.

Childs has been granted the right to turn the Christmas lights back on, in a move that would even make evil old Mr. Potter from It's a Wonderful Life cackle his approval. The judge ruled Childs can put the lights back up, at least until a January 7 hearing. (Who else thinks she'll keep the lights up until then?) I guess some of the parents who live in the neighborhood could explain that Ms. Childs is of the Jewish faith and the decorations are her attempt at fashioning a menorah for the Hanukkah holiday, should they ask the meaning of the festive display.

No word on what the initial neighborhood fight that started the entire incident was about, but I imagine the sentiments "Peace on Earth" and "Love Thy Neighbor" aren't very popular this holiday season on Sarah's block...

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