Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry McChristmas! McDonald's Pressuring Franchises to Open Christmas Day

If you are hankering for a juicy Big Mac and soggy fries instead of turkey and ham and all the delicious trimmings cooked with love by your Mother on Christmas Day, you just may get what your heart desires.

McDonald's has sent out a series of internal memos pressuring its franchise owners to remain open on Christmas Day in an attempt to boost sales and the bottom line for the company. The first memo, written by McDonald’s USA Chief Operating Officer Jim Johannesen and dated November 12, says "Our largest holiday opportunity as a system is Christmas Day. Last year, [company-operated] restaurants that opened on Christmas averaged $5,500 in sales."

The news comes after the company posted an unexpected  2.5% increase in sales in November, after a 2.2% decrease in October. Company head honchos are attributing the sales increase to the fact that the restaurant chain remained open on Thanksgiving Day for normal business hours. Johannesen states in a second internal memo dated December 12 that the franchises which remained open on Thanksgiving day averaged approximately $6000 in sales. Although that may not seem like a great deal, every penny adds up in a troubled, sluggish economy.

Of course, employees for the company who dream of spending their Christmas Day with family, friends and loved ones are going to be on the losing end of all this, but anything to boost that bottom line, right? Now I feel bad about popping in yesterday for that "special holiday" egg nog milkshake! Unfortunately, it was good...

 We can all enjoy the following video of a McDonald's commercial from the 1980s, a time when family closeness, friendship and celebrating the small joys in life were more important than the Bottom Line...

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