Thursday, December 13, 2012

Godzilla Spotted on Radar Trampling East Coast!!!

The poor East Coast of the United States. Not only has it been pummeled by a series of terrible storms, (including one so horrific a new meteorological term "Super Storm" had to be coined to describe it accurately) now the menacing Godzilla has been spotted just off-shore!

Observant geeks viewers of local affiliate WBZ out of Boston, Massachusetts, snapped some hilarious screen caps of what appears to be the mighty radioactive reptile Godzilla terrorizing the East Coast (and giving the long suffering residents of Tokyo a bit of a reprieve from his continuous nuisance and destruction). The anomalous image appears in the radar echoes of a winter storm skirting the coastline near Boston and Provincetown.

Of course, it is simply a coincidence that the mythical beast just happened to appear on the date of 12/12/12...

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