Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sex on the Go: Switzerland OKs Drive-Thru Sex Boxes

Motorists in Switzerland who are craving a bit of vehicular romance before heading into work each day are in luck, as the European nation has given the green light to roadside "sex boxes" to be used by prostitutes and their clientele.

The city of Zurich has passed an ordinance that will allow for construction of the sex boxes, which will begin appearing city-wide next year, and will provide a more discreet, safer location for local sex workers to rendezvous with their johns. The "boxes" are actually parking garage cubicles that will allow for a vehicle to park inside, where the prostitute and his or her client can get down to business in relative privacy. The proposed site will be able to handle approximately thirty vehicles and their passengers at a time.

Although the world's oldest profession is completely legal in Switzerland, local authorities have struggled for years to control the crime and violence often associated with the illicit trade. The decision was also prompted by local residents who have grown weary of seeing the sex workers patrolling the streets and neighborhoods where they live, often engaging in sex acts in public, in open view of passing pedestrians and motorists, including young children.

The prostitutes who use the sex boxes will also be required by law to take out medical insurance and to be tested for STDs. They will also have to pay a licensing fee and will have to "clock in" each day by inserting €5 into a machine in order to enter a cubicle.

Drive-in sex boxes have been used in neighboring Germany for the past several years, apparently to great success...


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