Saturday, December 8, 2012

End Time: World Governments Urge Calm as Panic Over December 21st "End Date" Draws Near

World leaders and government officials from around the planet have been forced to issue appeals for calm while growing panic circles the globe regarding the so-called "End of the World" as the date of December 21, 2012, draws closer.

The panic stems from a massive disinformation campaign created by the world media, claiming that the ancient Mayans, who lived in what is current day Mexico and Central America, predicted the end of the world on that date. Although no data suggests the Mayans predicted anything of the sort, the media has attached itself eagerly to the idea, spreading fear and panic throughout the world. The purpose of the disinformation campaign is to throw the world's population off the course of the truth about what is currently taking place on our planet, with the dramatic and intense changes in climate, as well as dire changes in our geological and socioeconomic stability. A dramatic alteration in both human and animal behaviors has disturbingly taken over the headlines of the evening news, rendering the news depressing and unbearable to watch. The disinformation campaign has worked like a charm.

When the December 21st date comes and goes without any appreciable event (as it undoubtedly will), the media will again go into overdrive, assuring the population that there is simply nothing wrong or unusual about the confluence of events currently underway, giving the world a false sense of security and allowing people to rest on their laurels and continue to live in deep denial.

Russian governmental officials urged calm among its citizens today, as thousands of people have begun to stockpile on non-perishable food and other emergency items to survive any coming Apocalypse. Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian prime minister, even addressed the situation. "I don't believe in the end of the world," before adding somewhat disconcertingly: "At least, not this year," he stated, by way of reassurance. Many stores ran out of certain food items, as well as kerosene, batteries and candles. 

Pope Benedict made a special appeal from the Vatican last week, telling followers to remain calm and to have faith during these highly difficult and uncertain times, as the Euro crisis continues its stranglehold on Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. He offered a prayer for peace and calm to the people of the world, urging people not to believe "false prophets" and their predicitions. The current escalation in hostilities between Israel and the Gaza Strip also has people on the edge regarding Armageddon.

Panic-buying has also been reported out of China, where State run media keeps a tight hold on all news being reported, as well as using highly sensitive Internet filters to control what Chinese citizens can read online. The panic started when posters on the Chinese version of Twitter commented that "Three Days of Darkness" would take place in the days leading up to December 21. Unlike the Judeo-Christian culture, the Chinese culture has not been noted for a preoccupation with the end of the world.

Thousands of believers have flocked to the town of Bugarach, France, where rumors of an oasis where people can survive Armageddon. atop a mountain have surfaced. A commune of survivalists have been congregating at the top of Pic du Bugarach, a location famous for UFO sightings and paranormal activity.

Mexican officials have tightened security around the famed Mayan pyramid of Chichen-Itza in the Yucatan, out of fear that "suicide" cults will stage a mass death near the site as the December 21st date looms ever closer. The truth regarding the Mayan calendar "end date" and its actual purpose are not known, although many experts believe the date was simply a warning to people living in the future to look out for this particular time, as the people living during the era would have to endure great and difficult challenges in order to survive. The Mayans were obsessed with mathematics, the Cosmos and the cycle of life, and knew things about the universe that we are only now beginning to re-learn, courtesy of our modern technology.

Even that modern technology that we now depend on has turned against us: The Webbot Project, a computer software program that patrols the Internet and seeks out specific changes in linguistic patterns, has also predicted that we are living in the "End of Days" and foresees a cataclysmic event on the global horizon within the next year. 

The December 21st date does coincide with Earth's direct alignment with the "Galactic Center" of the universe. Little is known about the significance of this event, but it obviously held great merit to the Mayan people.

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  1. "They" are saying Don't Be Silly, Folks. Don't Worry! This Isn't "The End". Then Why Does All of This Feel EXACTLY Like an Ending?


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