Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fast as a Turtle: 1600 Turtles Escape Farm

Turtles aren't exactly known as great escape artists, what with their natural sluggishness and generally mopey demeanor. But a large group of the shelled-creatures recently took the opportunity to make a break for it from a Georgia turtle farm.

Approximately 1600 turtle fugitives went on the lam from David Driver's northern Georgia farm after some thieves made away with some metal fencing used to enclose the turtles, ostensibly to sell the metal for scrap. Driver was unaware of the Great Escape until neighbors began to call him, informing him there were literally hundreds of turtles moping along local roadways. The fugitives include snappers, Eastern paints and yellow-bellied sliders (definitely our favorite!).

Driver told local media that he had been amassing his collection of turtles for over a decade, and had constructed a hatchery on premises, with many of the varieties raised on the endangered list. He would then sell the tiny hatch-lings throughout the US as pets for children and to China, where turtles are considered a delicacy.

Driver says his neighbors have been a great help during this difficult time, retrieving many of the escapees and offering him free turtles to replenish his supply.

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