Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh, Tooo-Looo! The Furby Is Back, As Annoying As Ever

1998 is calling, and it wants its toy back...

Yes, the talking alien-like creature that was all the rage in the late 1990s is making a grand return to a store near you. An updated version of the animated doll that caused people to riot during the Christmas rush of 1998 will soon be available to purchase.

The new Furby will have softer, more touchable fur that will hide sensors, with a more expressive face,  twitching ears and backlit LCD eyes with mechanical eyelids that blink in response to movement or sound picked up by a tiny implanted microphone. It also comes with a fairly hefty new price tag at $60 per toy.

There will also be an app available to make your new-found bestie more interactive with your iPad or smart phone. It will also have the ability to "communicate" better with other Furbies, so you'll have to invest in a whole passel of the toys to keep him (and you) entertained! The toy will pick up more and more language and words as it communicates with other Furbies as well as people.

The updated Fur-Monster created by toymaker Hasbro will hit the stores by September, just in time for all of the holiday madness.

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